Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey ! 
I just wanted to say how I am really grateful for 4 followers... 

If you want to read me ramble about how this year, isn't my year. 

MAY ! 

The month where I started to fall for my guy best friend and trust me, I regret falling for him. On my girl best friend is having her birthday, me, my guy best friend and my girl best friend went out to watch the movies. I was still 14 that time. I forget what do we watch but what I remember is that my guy best friend starts to hold my hand along the movies. 

Since I fell for him, I enjoyed it. The next day, he asked me to be his girlfriend, again being the stupid girl I am, I accept it. 

We dated a week and so, and he break it up.. 

July ! 

Its suppose to be my month ! My freaking month ! Its my birthday month. We got together again since I still liked him. And well we dated for 3 weeks, on the last 2 weeks, he left for camp outside town. I knew i couldn't trust him, so I didn't really put my hopes up. When he came back, I knew he is going to break up with me. I went to the camp in my town, and just my fudgin luck, he needs to join that camp too. 

On the first day of the camp, after dinner, he broke up with me. And well, I went inside my cabin and cry my heart out. 

I know stupid me right !?!?! 

Alright enough of me rambling I know this is just some bullcraps ! 

Sorry I just need to let it all out. !! I love you all and everything. 

This week topic is...

Do not fall for your guy best friend, but if he really feels the same way toward you then... its your choice. :) 

That is all ! 

Until next time...


The Anonymous :)

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