Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello.. Its Saturday here in my timezone and its 4:19 p.m. and my work shift will start in within 40 minutes which I probably will be late.... 

Anyhow I'm in my aunt's apartment and before in the elevator I was holding both my iphone and ipod but then my dad said and I stated, "Put your ipod in me, so that your aunt will not think we are some snobby rich family," and I was like, "fine whatever," and I handed my ipod to him. 

But deep down I dont think my family is some kind of snobby rich family, I called my family a blessed family. Yes I am a christian but I'm proud 

Oh gosh this was suppose to be posted on saturday but i end up posting it on sunday curse you part time job ! Anyhow my school is starting tomorrow and belive me, I dont want to go ! 

I think that was it. 

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The Anonymous

Friday, January 17, 2014

My eyes

My beautiful eyes needs to be check ! 

So before when I got up from my bed all i can see is blurriness. Then I stood up and started to feel the hurt in my eyes. It happens every time I got up from bed or couch. So for my eye sake, I have downloaded blogger in my phone. 

And I'm trying my best to avoid Dylan for hurts me to avoid Dylan but that is whats best for my eye. Cause there is no way I'm risking myself to use those big glasses. No offense to my nerd fans but I just can't. 

Anyhow I'm addicted to Let Her Go by The Passenger. The song is just sad by nice to hear at the same time.  

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The Anonymous

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hellow !

This is an urgent emergency post !

Just kidding, I'm just really bored right now !

Lets talk about how my school can be really crappy ! It was begin on how my mom decided it was best for me to join a community school ! Fuck it ! I hate community school, but like all the other mothers out there, She didn't listen to me. I love her to death really but I just can't help it !

And so on... I got stuck in community school until next year. Its a good thing that I'm graduating next year and its even a miracle to know that I'm graduating. Sure I never missed any school except for a really important event, but other than that I was never absent, even though I was really sick.

I'm just going to say this once and never again, I'm thankful that my mom enrolled me to this school, though I only have one friend, I'm still glad that she is my best friend.

Now since less than 4 days I would be entering my Senior year ! Lets just all take a moment and be really grateful that I could pass my sophomore and junior year without getting bullied. So like I was saying Senior Year its the year where I would be ace-ing all my exams and proceed to University.

Remember when I told you the boys in my school isn't cute and they are all bitches ? Yeap its all true, lets just hope they won't be bitching around this year. And I forgot to tell you guys that the girls in my school there is only below 10 girls, sad right ?

Sure I'm going to reveal myself sooner of later but I just cant do it right now in matter of fact I will never reveal myself. But I can make sure that Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Dylan O'Brien, and Skyndar Keynes is my favorite actors of all time !

Moving on ! I really hate those bitches who kept on bitching about nonsense stuff... gah I'm feeling like a stereotype. Anyhow I really just hate them...

I think I'm not so bored anymore so here ya go ! Another chapter about my crappy life !

Until next time (:

The Anonymous

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I have made an Instagram Account !

Belloow Humans !

I have great news, I made an instagram account, I realized I can't just sit here and be really anti-social so for all my blog readers, you may follow my instagram @Theanonymouse_ || Yes I am still anonymous there and im also a mouse, get it ? Anonymouse ? Okay fine whatever.

Anyhow so if I haven't post anything here you could just go check my instagram and spam me with your comments. And I also am planning to share to you guys my very own iMessage. I know you guys might think, why didn't she do it in the first place. Hey don't blame me for being so anti-social !

And yes I am a female, there is no way a guy would marry his laptop and even worse a guy naming his laptop Dylan that would be so gay ! haha so as I was saying I'm a female that come from planet mars... haha JKJK.. you should've seen your face right now.

Anyhow, school will start in less than 4 days and I'm freaking out. The school thought that it would be nice to gave the students a homework to do... well xcuse me school but I have a life... blogging is a life ! I have just done doing my homework that I'm suppose to do since the first day of holiday but since I have a life, I have just started to do it today and that's because my oh-so-loving mother forced me and threatened me that if I don't do my homework, she will take away my iPod and my iPhone ! And I can't risk that so here I am being a goody-two-shoes... But I still feel badass... If you haven't notice I'm actually a lonely nerd... But I don't wear those thick and round glasses, baggy clothes, and tied my hair in a ponytail (Sometimes I do).

But my point is, I'm sort of a nerd in my school, so me just starting to do my homework today, I felt so badass. Haha LOL!

I think that's it about my crappy life !

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Well helloww there...

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting and updating on how my life is so stupid. Its because I was sick, yes I was sick.. but don't worry about me cause I'm back !

Merry belated christmas !

Happy belated new year !

Happy belated holiday !

So the point is most of the greeting I just wrote before is belated haha lol....

Anyhow today's topic is on the song of 'Neon Lights' by Demi Lovato.

Baby, when they look up at the sky
We'll be shooting stars just passing by
You'll be coming home with me tonight
We'll be burning up like neon lights

STOP ! I absolutely love this song... it has the beat.. each of the lyrics really gets to me except the part where she always say 'We' cause isn't obvious I'm single and ready for some pringle.

I'm too tired to write all her lyrics, you could just listen to them than bam ! you will know what I mean.

I'm really sorry for the delay post, I really am.. sucker I'm not.. no but really I am really sorry.. gosh I use so many '...' and the word really too many time in this sentence.

Do you think Dave Franco and Channing Tatum is drool-worthy ? please comment <3

I'm like in the mood for the phrase 'can you not' haha lol..

NOOO Hell I mean school will starts in about a week AAAA
School = little boys bitches
Like in my school the boys is not jerks they're bitches, they bully 1-3rd grader for fuck sake who does that ? Oh wait my school's boys does it. Oooh and in a year I'm out of this hell hole ! HAH ! Take that ! Anyhow this is why I have no friends in real life XP

I think that was it !

Until next time, Swabba-Jabbers.

The Anonymous

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey ! 
I just wanted to say how I am really grateful for 4 followers... 

If you want to read me ramble about how this year, isn't my year. 

MAY ! 

The month where I started to fall for my guy best friend and trust me, I regret falling for him. On my girl best friend is having her birthday, me, my guy best friend and my girl best friend went out to watch the movies. I was still 14 that time. I forget what do we watch but what I remember is that my guy best friend starts to hold my hand along the movies. 

Since I fell for him, I enjoyed it. The next day, he asked me to be his girlfriend, again being the stupid girl I am, I accept it. 

We dated a week and so, and he break it up.. 

July ! 

Its suppose to be my month ! My freaking month ! Its my birthday month. We got together again since I still liked him. And well we dated for 3 weeks, on the last 2 weeks, he left for camp outside town. I knew i couldn't trust him, so I didn't really put my hopes up. When he came back, I knew he is going to break up with me. I went to the camp in my town, and just my fudgin luck, he needs to join that camp too. 

On the first day of the camp, after dinner, he broke up with me. And well, I went inside my cabin and cry my heart out. 

I know stupid me right !?!?! 

Alright enough of me rambling I know this is just some bullcraps ! 

Sorry I just need to let it all out. !! I love you all and everything. 

This week topic is...

Do not fall for your guy best friend, but if he really feels the same way toward you then... its your choice. :) 

That is all ! 

Until next time...


The Anonymous :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

That awkward moment.... 

I do not have any awkward moment like honestly Baaah I dont have an awkward moment sue me ! 

But I do have an awkward situation. 

It was just last 2 weeks when it happens... 

In my house there is my brothers and my ex, surprise ? So did I, well he is friend with my brothers. 

"Have you lock the music room." My oldest brother asked me, I shook my head. "Well you better lock it if you don't want your guitar to get stolen." I quickly left the leaving room. But when I arrive in the music room, my ex was following me... 

"What the hell are you doing here ?!?" 

"Umm following you ?" 


"Give me the keys..." He suddenly said it. 

"Nu uh you are probably going to lock me here." I tried to hide it in my back but he hug me from the front just to get the key. 

And well that is awkward for me...

I know you realize that i keep on talking about my ex its because that bastard broke with me but then get mad at me for letting his broke up with me. 

Stupid huh ? 

Too damn right his stupid ! 

Thats it, I dont want to throw tantrums at you followers of mine or readers haha alright I hope you like this blog and enjoy reading each topic of mine. 


The Anonymous

Friday, December 6, 2013

Alright, so this morning I woke up and went outside my room and then went to the kitchen to find my ex waiting there for me, I asked him. "What the hell are you going here ?" I kinda snap at him, cause I just woke up with a bad hair day and using only shorts and a t-shirt. And he was like. "To pick you up?" "Is that suppose to be a question or a statement ?" He scratch his head. "Just get ready will ya?" I grunted and went to my bathroom and got ready. Once I was ready, I went inside his car and like yelled at him the whole time. "Why are you even picking me up ? Do you know that my mom would go freaking volcanoes on you ? And you are my ex, I thought you didn't want to see me again ?" "There is where you got it wrong, sweetheart." "Don't call me that !" Yea that's pretty much how my morning started. My ex being the cocky guy he is, thought that I still love him, oh heck no.. anyways enough of my awful and unwanted morning. How was your morning, swabba-jabbers ? I hope its not as awful and unwanted as mines... Comment below of how did your morning go ? Tee hee Sincerely, The Anonymous