Sunday, December 8, 2013

That awkward moment.... 

I do not have any awkward moment like honestly Baaah I dont have an awkward moment sue me ! 

But I do have an awkward situation. 

It was just last 2 weeks when it happens... 

In my house there is my brothers and my ex, surprise ? So did I, well he is friend with my brothers. 

"Have you lock the music room." My oldest brother asked me, I shook my head. "Well you better lock it if you don't want your guitar to get stolen." I quickly left the leaving room. But when I arrive in the music room, my ex was following me... 

"What the hell are you doing here ?!?" 

"Umm following you ?" 


"Give me the keys..." He suddenly said it. 

"Nu uh you are probably going to lock me here." I tried to hide it in my back but he hug me from the front just to get the key. 

And well that is awkward for me...

I know you realize that i keep on talking about my ex its because that bastard broke with me but then get mad at me for letting his broke up with me. 

Stupid huh ? 

Too damn right his stupid ! 

Thats it, I dont want to throw tantrums at you followers of mine or readers haha alright I hope you like this blog and enjoy reading each topic of mine. 


The Anonymous

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  1. Great Blog! Thats what happened to me but it grows ive only got 20 in two years, but you gotta be grateful :)
    Could you check out my blog and maybe follow as i followed yours too?

    Rebecca x