Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello.. Its Saturday here in my timezone and its 4:19 p.m. and my work shift will start in within 40 minutes which I probably will be late.... 

Anyhow I'm in my aunt's apartment and before in the elevator I was holding both my iphone and ipod but then my dad said and I stated, "Put your ipod in me, so that your aunt will not think we are some snobby rich family," and I was like, "fine whatever," and I handed my ipod to him. 

But deep down I dont think my family is some kind of snobby rich family, I called my family a blessed family. Yes I am a christian but I'm proud 

Oh gosh this was suppose to be posted on saturday but i end up posting it on sunday curse you part time job ! Anyhow my school is starting tomorrow and belive me, I dont want to go ! 

I think that was it. 

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Until next time 

The Anonymous

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