Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have made an Instagram Account !

Belloow Humans !

I have great news, I made an instagram account, I realized I can't just sit here and be really anti-social so for all my blog readers, you may follow my instagram @Theanonymouse_ || Yes I am still anonymous there and im also a mouse, get it ? Anonymouse ? Okay fine whatever.

Anyhow so if I haven't post anything here you could just go check my instagram and spam me with your comments. And I also am planning to share to you guys my very own iMessage. I know you guys might think, why didn't she do it in the first place. Hey don't blame me for being so anti-social !

And yes I am a female, there is no way a guy would marry his laptop and even worse a guy naming his laptop Dylan that would be so gay ! haha so as I was saying I'm a female that come from planet mars... haha JKJK.. you should've seen your face right now.

Anyhow, school will start in less than 4 days and I'm freaking out. The school thought that it would be nice to gave the students a homework to do... well xcuse me school but I have a life... blogging is a life ! I have just done doing my homework that I'm suppose to do since the first day of holiday but since I have a life, I have just started to do it today and that's because my oh-so-loving mother forced me and threatened me that if I don't do my homework, she will take away my iPod and my iPhone ! And I can't risk that so here I am being a goody-two-shoes... But I still feel badass... If you haven't notice I'm actually a lonely nerd... But I don't wear those thick and round glasses, baggy clothes, and tied my hair in a ponytail (Sometimes I do).

But my point is, I'm sort of a nerd in my school, so me just starting to do my homework today, I felt so badass. Haha LOL!

I think that's it about my crappy life !

my iMessage is :
my instagram : Theanonymouse_

So please don't hesitate to message me I will always have my phone and ipod with me, so I will always answer your message (:
But please don't ask me to follow back, I will follow if I like the blog or not (:

I'm also planning to make my own tumblr but heh still don't know yet !

So again please message me anytime and follow my instagram (:

Until Next Time (:

The Anonymous

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