Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hellow !

This is an urgent emergency post !

Just kidding, I'm just really bored right now !

Lets talk about how my school can be really crappy ! It was begin on how my mom decided it was best for me to join a community school ! Fuck it ! I hate community school, but like all the other mothers out there, She didn't listen to me. I love her to death really but I just can't help it !

And so on... I got stuck in community school until next year. Its a good thing that I'm graduating next year and its even a miracle to know that I'm graduating. Sure I never missed any school except for a really important event, but other than that I was never absent, even though I was really sick.

I'm just going to say this once and never again, I'm thankful that my mom enrolled me to this school, though I only have one friend, I'm still glad that she is my best friend.

Now since less than 4 days I would be entering my Senior year ! Lets just all take a moment and be really grateful that I could pass my sophomore and junior year without getting bullied. So like I was saying Senior Year its the year where I would be ace-ing all my exams and proceed to University.

Remember when I told you the boys in my school isn't cute and they are all bitches ? Yeap its all true, lets just hope they won't be bitching around this year. And I forgot to tell you guys that the girls in my school there is only below 10 girls, sad right ?

Sure I'm going to reveal myself sooner of later but I just cant do it right now in matter of fact I will never reveal myself. But I can make sure that Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Dylan O'Brien, and Skyndar Keynes is my favorite actors of all time !

Moving on ! I really hate those bitches who kept on bitching about nonsense stuff... gah I'm feeling like a stereotype. Anyhow I really just hate them...

I think I'm not so bored anymore so here ya go ! Another chapter about my crappy life !

Until next time (:

The Anonymous

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