Thursday, November 21, 2013


I know I haven't been posting for mmhh *counting fingers* I don't know. And I'm sorry hell ay I mean school have been giving me all this stress.

Today's topic is..... wait for it.....

Cody Simpson ! I absolutely love him ! He is like so much better than Justin Bieber, I'm sorry biebz...

I don't know why I love Cody more than Justin, oh maybe because his new song is just, I'm sorry to say, is just not him, you know ? I don't say I hate Justin its just he have changed a lot, don't you think so ?

Cody's 'La Da Dee' > Justin's 'Lollipop'

I am truly sorry for saying that, beliebers but I'm just more to Simpsonizer BAHAHA #hatersmayhate

My current favorite song of Cody's is

Valentine. Why ? Is just nice to hear... Gosh I think I'm addicted to it. More than I'm addicted to Dylan. I'm sorry babe :( *rubs my laptop*

That was it, Swabbajabbers

I just realize I apologize so many times in this post...nyeh who cares.


The Anonymous

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