Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sorry late update

You know what's stupid ? My friend.

So in class I was with friend A and friend B

Friend A, he is just so stupid and so sensitive, I mean I know guys is sensitive but this.. I was just asking my other friend, Friend B to not play his iPad while we are in class, and my other friend, Friend A thought it was him.

And Urgh it just totally ruined my whole day ! That freaking preppy guy !

And I just found out that Friend B have a crush at me. Baah I dont do relationship sorry...


I''m like in the mood for black, I don't know why but I'm wearing a black sweater and a black shorts.

And I watched Catching Fire the other day and I cried through the whole movie so many people died and urgh I hate President Snow !

That was it, Swabba-Jabbers.


The Anonymous

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