Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dear Readers, 

This will be my first post ever... Let's start with what I did today. 

So this morning, I went hangout with my friends, I came to meeting point first but there is nobody there, and I thought to myself. 

Oh great, they just ditched me. 

But I wasn't planning to go home yet, cause I have no strong connections at home, so I stayed there for quite a while. As time passes me by (so exaggerating), one of my friends finally came, they got stuck in the traffic. Poor them. 

When we were finish hanging out, we went to my friend's house, sadly we need to walk. It wasn't far. Scratch that it was far, like really far, okay maybe not that far. As we were walking, my bag was slowly killing me. I asked my friend to carry it, and he did. Awesome right ? haha

Yea, that is the only fun part of my day today. 

Until next time ♥


The Anonymous.

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