Sunday, November 10, 2013

Desperate Of My Presence

If I could say that I was brutally murdered, I would be lying, which I don't do much. That is one fact about me, I don't lie. Honestly I don't tolerate lying, but if it's really urgent I lie. (sneaky, I know)

Last week, my idiot, cocky, but cute best friend and also he is my ex-boyfriend was acting desperate for my presence.

Let's just put it that way hahaha

 He was playing something in his laptop with my brother at my house, and he ask me to sit with him, to watch him play, so I did sit beside him. Then I went to the kitchen and eat, when I went back he lose, he lose over my brother. I was like complaining. 

Why did you lose over that stupid brother of mine ?

I'm so sorry, I disappoint you, I'm really really sorry

I was actually kidding, but then he ask me to sit beside him again, I did. I eat my bread and sit beside him, watching him lose to my selfish brother. 

Don't you dare lose again?

But then I spoke too soon, he was already losing. I stand up and just walk away, and he was like.

I'm sorry, come back, come back be here

He quoted Taylor Swift. I look back and we both laugh our ass off.       

I can't believe you quoted Taylor Swift song

Deal with it, sucker

That was it, Swabba-Jabbers

Until Next Time. 


The Anonymous♥

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