Sunday, November 10, 2013

Teenage these days

My first post sucks, don't you guys think so ? 
I couldn't sleep so I wrote this...

I am probably one of those socially awkward girls, that's why I made this blog. I only speak with 5 - 10 people in two weeks. I was writing this when I heard my brother's room door open, I quickly close my laptop, hide it under my blanket and pretended to sleep. But then I waited for seconds and there is no sign that he is coming to my room so I took my laptop and continue writing this. 

It's actually midnight here, in where I live, and I think my parents just went home, I'm typing this real slow cause I don't want to get caught sleeping late.

Okay I have some opinions about teenagers and their phones these days. 

"Oh my gosh, Where is my phone, I can't live without 'em"

Bear with me people, I mean isn't that exaggerating ? I once use phone, once. I was bored with phones so I trade it with my laptop. You might be thinking. 

"Who would trade cellphones with laptop?"

Well, I would. But my mom flipped because I don't have phone. Me + not having phones = no calls from my mom, asking where I am. So my mom is going to buy me a new one. 

Honestly I hate phone. Well, I don't really hate phones, I just have no friend to text me. That is how socially awkward I am. Pitiful, I know. 

That was my opinion on teenage who got addicted with their phones. 

Comment if you agree or disagree..

Until Next Time, Swabba-Jabbers♥ (p.s. I just come up with the name for you guys, my true stalkers, 'Swabba-Jabbers') 


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